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I love looking back over 28 years of practicing dentistry in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  I am thankful to enjoy my work and love the community of Rock Hill.  A blog will be a good way to look back over the past and look forward to the future of dentistry and of our community.CRANFORD DENTAL BLOGGING? Why am I writing a BLOG POST?Welcome to Cranford Dental’s BLOG. Those of you who have been friends and patients for the past 28 years have seen Cranford Dental introduce new technology multiple times. We move forward again in 2012 with blogging, Facebook, and Twitter.Our Blog will enable us to share dental health advice and to post the latest happenings at Cranford Dental.

Herald-1982Let’s Review The Past 28 YearsLet’s look over the past 28 years of practice in Rock Hill, SC. The changes in dentistry during our lifetimes have been amazing. Our office also kept changing:1984 Renovated old house for first office1986 First office computer1986 Began Restoration of dental implants1994 Computers in dental treatment rooms1989 Moved office to 1721 Ebenezer Road2001 One appointment CEREC crowns2005 Electric hand pieces2008 Digital x-rays to reduce radiation by 90%2009 Cranford Dental expansion & renovationWho would have thought that our office would have— 11 television monitors 20 computers NO paper charts NO x-ray films and NO x-ray developer Patient communications via internetMost important of all—-Who would think we would have a 57 year old dentist (Bill Cranford) communicating via blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and a webpage?

Married in 1981, Finished MUSC in 1983, Practiced in Greenville, then opened Rock Hill dental office in 1984. Oh---and Laura Anne was born in October, 1982.
Married in 1981, Finished MUSC in 1983, Practiced in Greenville, then opened Rock Hill dental office in 1984. Oh—and Laura Anne was born in October, 1982.

Welcome To Our BlogSo now—in this day of Twitter “tweets”, Facebook “likes”, and the always changing media tools, I have decided to blog, post, like, and forward. At Cranford Dental we will do our best to keep our blog pertinent, brief, and interesting. Next month we will offer a Facebook promotion on our blog. Please come back and participate for a chance to win a free IPad.Oh, yeah, P.S. (old fashioned for post script)—Please visit our website at and LIKE us on Facebook!The Next 28 Years At Cranford DentalI can’t wait to make my next blog post: Introducing my associate dentists, Dr. Jennifer Mokris and Dr. Elizabeth Cranford. Look for the blog link on Facebook and Twitter.It is great to look back over 28 years of practicing dentistry in Rock Hill, South Carolina.


The Herald and Southern Realty welcomed us with an article in the paper.The changes in dental office equipment and in the way we use technology to communicate with our patients over the past 28 years have been amazing.  We work hard to keep up with the latest so that we can offer the best possible dental experience at Cranford Dental.  If you have questions or suggestions for us please contact us at

17 Responses to “28 Years of Cranford Dental”

  1. Lee Cranford

    Back then: “You can call me anything, just don’t call me ‘Doctor Bill.’ – ’cause nobody likes to see their doctor bill!

  2. Margaret Shurley

    remember him then? of course i remember him then…his posture was more crouched in my memory though…might because he was leaning over me extracting my furtherest back, upper molar..while i screamed to get it out. Poor Dr. Cranford has been so patient with me over the years and has been instrumental in helping me keep all my teeth (well except that molar and that wasnt his fault 🙂 ) ha). I love you cranford dental!

  3. Sara Stephens

    I remember when you looked like the picture and you still look good after 28 years of dental practice.

  4. Candee Brakefield

    David and I first started with Dr. Cranford in October 1984. We had just found out that we were expecting our 1st child. I think Dr. Cranford cleaned David’s teeth himself. It feels like home when we walk into the office and I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Thank you for all the great memories over the years. It has been our pleasure.

  5. Pam Ramsey Sherer

    Dr. Cranford, I remember working in this operatory! I cannot believe it has been 28 years! I was very fortunate to meet you “in the beginning” of your career. I must say that I am very proud of your accomplishments over the years and giving me the opportunity to have a great start in the wondeful world of dentistry. I wish you much continued success in the future. Pam

  6. Margaret Cranford

    I cannot believe how far your practice has come since 1984 (before I was even born). Your looks haven’t changed a bit! Not only are you a great dentist, you are also a wonderful father and role model.

  7. Will Bosdell

    Dr. Cranford, I love the new blog. I can’t believe it has been almost 28 years since my first appointment. Thanks for being such a wonderful dentist.

  8. Lisa Werner

    I don’t remember this office because I didn’t start working with Dr. Cranford until August of 1989, just after he had moved into the new building. Wow! Can’t believe it’s been that long ago! So glad to be a part of such a great team that has allowed me to come in and out of the practice all throughout the years. I love you guys!

  9. CranfordDental

    You are good! In 28 years of practice no one has come up with that. I am surprised that I don’t hear that more often. Maybe I should change my name to Dr. Bob! Thanks for coming last night and for supporting The High Cotton Classic—good time with the past trappers. Thanks for you support of Cranford Dental and for reading and posting on our new blog.

  10. CranfordDental

    Thanks, Margaret. Cranford Dental loves you, too—and Harrison and Cameron. Writing this blog may me realize how time flies. Your boys grew up so fast! Thanks for your friendship over may years and for making us smile (and laugh) when you come in the door of Cranford Dental. Check back next week to read about my special associate dentists!

  11. CranfordDental

    Thanks, Sara. I still love practicing dentistry. I am happy to have two young associate dentists to keep me up and going. Hopefully they will love being dentists 28 years from now. I’ll blog about Jennifer and Elizabeth next week. I hope you will come back to read about them.

  12. CranfordDental

    Great memories with all the Brakefields, Candee. It is hard to believe that the child you were expecting in 1984 now has an MBA from Winthrop University. It has been fun to watch your boys grow up. Thanks to you, David, CJ, and Alex for your friendship and support over the past 28 years.

  13. CranfordDental

    Nice of you to read and comment, Margaret! I wish you had been around in 1984 to tell me not to wear those huge glasses. I’m glad you are still loving your job!

  14. CranfordDental

    Hard to believe that you were the age that your daughter Ansely is now when you first came in. I enjoy seeing the next generation of long time patient families. Twenty eight years ago my oldest girls were the exact age of your daughters. Many blessings ahead for you as they grow up! By the way, thanks for appearing in our magazine article years ago. Your picture is still hanging in the office at Cranford Dental.

  15. CranfordDental

    Great memories and many changes, Lisa—-thanks for sticking with us all these years. Speaking of changes—-this year tops all for you. Congratulations on the soon to be birth of your new baby and on your daughter’s Olivia’s marriage and on Luke’s moving on in college. We have much to celebrate around here!

  16. Coty Fishburne

    Hello Dr. Bill, What an asset you (as well as Martha and Laura Ann, Elizabeth, Margaret, and Will) have been to Rock Hill. And YOU were always such a HELP to ME with my patients when I was unavailalbe. Best of wishes for another 24 years of great dentistry, community service, church service, shotgun-shootin’, bull shootin’ and ALL the rest. Your family and your office STAFF are special, Coty Fishburne DDS

  17. CranfordDental

    Thanks for the remarks, Coty—and thanks for your encouragement and friendship over all these years. You warmly welcomed us to Rock Hill and continued to support us. I still remember how cute our girls were when they were little and acting out plays at the dental meeting at Myrtle Beach. Many happy memories! I appreciate all you do for dentistry, MUSC, and your many friends across the state. Keep the inventions coming!


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