Rock Hill Dentist for Children   dr-robinson-with-reid

We love treating children!  Our younger patients enjoy coming to our friendly, happy dental office.

We smile BIG when children say, “Do I have to go now?” as they leave.

As family dentists, we have treated many children in Rock Hill since 1984. We find that kids and teenagers like visiting the dentist and hygienist who know mom or dad.

Are you looking for a family dentist who enjoys seeing children? Call Cranford Dental at 803-324-7670 or email our office for an appointment.

Why bring my child to Cranford Dental?

betsy-with-dr-cranford-and-babyWe see many adults—and their children—and their children—and their children (yes-4 generations). We appreciate knowing the dental needs of the entire family. We are happy that we can continue caring for the children of families we know and love.

Many children respond well to our quiet and private treatment rooms. Teenagers especially like the adult environment and feel comfortable here.

Our hygienists enjoy making children feel comfortable seeing the dentist. They teach the young patients about good dental care at home. We are pleased that most of the children in our practice learn to be responsible for caring for their teeth. 

Are you looking for a dental office that your child will love coming to? Contact us by email or call 803-324-7670-or stop by our Rock Hill office for a visit.

Can you help my child like the dentist office?

We work to give the best possible dental experience:happy-child-at-dentist

  • Pleasant and calm atmosphere
  • Private treatment rooms
  • Friendly staff.  Our entire staff has experience with children. We are kind, gentle,  and often a little  funny.
  • Televisions in every room — our TVs help distract your child so he/she is able to sit still for a longer amount of time.  Please let us know prior to the appointment if you prefer your child not watch television. Children like to to play on the computers in our waiting room.
  • Fun prizes to reward a job well done! Children LOVE our patient gifts.

When should my child visit the dentist?

We love seeing children of all ages. We hope that you will bring your child to see us by the time he is 3.

How do I prepare my child for his first visit?dr-elizabeth-robinson-with-child-patient

  • Talk to your child about visiting the dentist. Read a book or story about the dentist to your child.
  • Use positive words when talking about visiting the dentist. Refrain from discussing unpleasant dental experiences with your child.  Avoid words like “needles” and “pain”. Let him know that his visit will be “exciting”, “relaxing”, and even “fun”(because it will be!)
  • Bring your child by to see the office before his dental appointment. We will tour him around and maybe even show him our stash of stickers and toys.

teenager-with-dr-cranfordCan I go with my child to the treatment room?

We understand that some parents want to be in the room with their children. You are welcome to accompany your child.

Keep in mind that children often do better with dental treatment when the parent is not in the room.

If you choose to stay in the waiting area, we will give you a full report after the visit and will keep you informed throughout the visit as needed.

Contact Cranford Dental if your child or teenager needs to begin a long term relationship with a local dentist. We are at Herlong and Ebenezer, a few blocks from Piedmont Medical Center.