Rock Hill SC Dental Crowns

Cerec Dental CrownsAre you considering a dental crown? Is your tooth broken down or decayed? Call our Rock Hill office to make an appointment. A crown may strengthen and restore your tooth.

Crowns are one of the most common procedures at Cranford Dental.

A crown (cap) is a protective covering over a broken or decayed tooth. A good crown will look exactly like a real tooth and will last for many years.

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One Day CEREC Crowns


We use a CEREC to make and place crowns in one day in our office in Rock Hill.  Our dentists make over 85% of our crowns in one day. 

With the CEREC we use advanced software to read in data from your tooth. We send the readings to a milling unit. The machine mills the crown as you wait.

Advantages of CEREC One Day Crowns

Lots to like about one day crowns—

  • No gunk—Who wants to have an impression tray stuck in their mouth?
  • No wait—You are in and out in only a few hours.
  • Good fit—Dentist is able to read in a very precise image.
  • Beautiful crown—It really does look like a real tooth.
  • Amazing technology—Patients view the screen as the dentist scans in the tooth.
  • Easy adjustment—If an adjustment is needed the dentist does it immediately.

Actual Case—CEREC crown

Dr. Elizabeth Robinson made four crowns for Dr. Cranford’s front teeth. She used CEREC and strong E-max porcealin.

He was happy to get it done in one day. He could go back to work!

Dr. Cranford blogged about his dental experience. Read his blog post here.

Email our office or call 803-324-7670 if think you may need a crown. Dr. Cranford or Dr. Robinson will give you a fair and honest opinion on the best way to restore your tooth.