Fillings and Composites

Do you want fillings that are invisible? That do not show no matter how big you smile? Contact Cranford Dental in Rock Hill, SC to discuss fillings that will work for you. 

You should be happy with your smile. 

When Dr. Bill Cranford started Cranford Dental in 1984, the primary option for treating decayed teeth was silver amalgam fillings. Today silver fillings are no longer the treatment of choice.

Very strong and life-like composite restorations have replaced silver fillings.

 As with most advances in dental technology, composites are superior to the old technology (silver fillings). Patients may opt to replace silver colored fillings to get a more natural looking smile.Beautiful fillings

Why get tooth colored fillings?

  • Composites require less removal of dental enamel, so they preserve more of the natural tooth.
  • Composites can virtually disappear because they blend in with natural teeth.
  • Composites are considered safer by those who object to the old silver fillings.

Often our hygienists have to look at teeth with strong magnification to know if the tooth has been restored. Patients who have been bothered by noticeable fillings when they see their smile are often very pleased with the natural look of composite restorations.

Are composites right for my teeth?

tooth-colored-fillingsYou may like composites if you want teeth that look the same, or if your smile shows teeth that have old silver fillings.

Some people have concerns about the safety of the old fillings. We do not think that they cause any harm.

If you would feel better about your general health without the fillings we will discuss replacing them.

Ask your dentist  to discuss tooth colored composites to determine if they are the right choice for your teeth.

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We want to help make you happy with your smile.