Rock Hill SC Teeth Whitening 

Would you like whiter teeth? Teeth bleaching may be right for you if you worry or even think about the color of your teeth.

Contact Cranford Dental in Rock Hill SC or call 803-324-7670 if we can help make you happier with the way your teeth look.

bleaching-patient-happyBleaching options 

  • Custom bleaching trays – At Cranford Dental we have success with custom fitted bleach trays. After fitting the trays, we use 16% or 21% carbide peroxide gel to whiten the teeth to your desired level.
  • In-office bleaching – We apply strong gel in the office for thirty minutes to an hour. This achieves immediate whitening. This is hard on sensitive mouths. For this reason, we reserve in-office bleaching for patients who demand a very quick result.
  • Whitening strips – These strips (such as Crest White strips) are available at retail outlets. You may need to buy several kits to get good results. This bleaching fades quickly compared to professional bleaching.
  • Paint on gels –  Commercial paint on whitening brushes do not work well. Our opinion: these gels are pretty much a waste of time and money.

How do I safely bleach my teeth?

If you want to bleach your teeth in a safe and long lasting manner, make a bleaching appointment with Cranford Dental.


Dentist Bill Cranford or Elizabeth Robinson will evaluate your teeth and make an impression.

She will then make a custom tray in our laboratory. We will try the tray in your mouth to check for fit and comfort.

He will instruct on how often to wear the tray and how to apply the gel. We will show you how to keep the process safe.

You will see a noticeable improvement in your teeth color in two weeks and more dramatic improvement in 4 to 6 weeks. You will be very happy with your whiter smile.