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Do you need to get your teeth cleaned? Visit our Rock Hill office. Dental hygiene is a big part of our practice at Cranford Dental.

Our hygienists are (L-R) Debbie, Judy, Betsy, and Nan Katherine. Read about what makes them great hygienists here.

To make an appointment to get your teeth cleaned and checked call our office at 803-324-7670 or contact Cranford Dental online.


Dental Hygiene Appointment

dr-robinson-and-child-hygiene-patientHere is what you can expect at each teeth cleaning appointment:

  • Review of dental and general health – The hygienist reviews any changes in health, including illnesses and drugs which may affect your dental health.
  • Digital Radiographs (when necessary)
  • Calculus Removal – The hygienists scale beneath the gum line to remove calculus (tartar). This prevents future gum problems. It is impossible to remove calculus from home.
  • Flossing and Dental Maintenance – The hygienist flosses beneath the gum line. She gives instructions on flossing and caring for your teeth.
  • Polishing – The hygienist polishes your teeth using special equipment and paste.
  • Oral Cancer Exam – She examines tongue, cheeks, palate, glands, and back of throat for early warning signsor oral cancer.
  • Dental Exam – The dentist examines your teeth and listens to your concerns and questions.

 Preventing Gum Disease

rock-hill-dentists-and-hygienistsOur dentists and hygienists check closely for gum disease (Periodontal Disease) at our Rock Hill SC office.

Gum disease is rampant as baby boomers age. No one wants to experience the trauma of tooth loss as they get older.

Your hygienist looks for early signs of Periodontal Disease. She measures the areas under your gums to see if you have pockets or other signs of gum disease.

The dentist recommends scaling and root planning (or deep cleaning) for patients with periodontal disease. This will clean out gum pockets so that gum disease does not progress and cause the loss of teeth.

With modern dental care, older patients should not lose their teeth as often as occurred for past generations.

Our hygienists participated in a year long study and then wrote a series of blog posts on the detection, treatment, and prevention of gum disease.   Go to our Blog to see how our office in Rock Hill SC treats gum disease:  Cranford Dental Gum Disease Study

Contact Cranford Dental if you have questions or concerns about gum disease or losing your teeth. Visit our office at 1721 Ebenezer Road in Rock Hill—or call 803-324-7670.