Rock Hill SC Wisdom Teeth Removal

Do you need to have a tooth extracted in a safe place? Our dentist will remove your teeth in our Rock Hill office. You will feel comfortable and secure.

Dr. Elizabeth Robinson has advanced training in oral surgery methods. Patients appreciate her surgical skill.

Her residency training in Florida included extractions of all types of teeth and using different sedation methods. She does simple extractions as well as more advanced surgical extractions. 

Contact Cranford Dental or call 803-324-7670 if you want to discuss oral surgery for someone in your family.

Extraction Sedation

dental-sedation-with-patientPatients can request extractions with minimum sedation. They often return to work following the tooth extraction.

You can also request oral conscious sedation. This will help you relax. You may not remember your dental surgery.

Dr. Elizabeth Robinson is trained in oral sedation. She will listen to your concerns and help make you comfortable while she removes your tooth.

Remember that using less sedation reduces recovery time.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to form. They come in at young adulthood –as a person gains wisdom – thus the name Wisdom Teeth.  Most of our permanent teeth come in by age 13. Between ages 17 – 21, our wisdom teeth usually push through the gums.

Why remove my Wisdom Teeth?

teen-distractedteen-brushing-teethWisdom teeth may not have enough room to erupt, or they may be in the wrong position. These wisdom teeth are impacted and may cause problems with the existing teeth.

Third molars, or wisdom teeth, are far back in the mouth.  They are very  difficult to brush and floss.  Busy young adults have an especially hard time caring for third molars.

Our dentists may recommend extracting wisdom teeth in the late teens to avoid:

  • Infection from bacteria entering where the tooth is partially erupted
  • Damage of adjacent teeth from a crowded or poorly aligned wisdom tooth
  • Tooth or bone loss due to cyst or tumor on or near the impacted tooth

Teeth Extraction Appointment

extraction dentistHere is what the process of having wisdom teeth extracted at Cranford Dental involves:

  • Dr. Robinson schedules a consult to make sure your case is a fit for our office. She reviews illnesses, surgeries, and medications. Allow 30 minutes for wisdom teeth consult.
  • Eat a light breakfast before your surgery appointment. Wear comfortable clothing. You may bring an iPhone or other music player if music will calm you during the procedure.
  • We prefer to perform extractions with local anesthesia and nitrous oxide. This means you stay awake. Your mouth is numbed and you will feel pressure but no pain during your extraction.
  • We offer oral conscious sedation for patients with high anxiety levels.
  • We recommend oral surgery without putting the patient to sleep because there are fewer risks and a shorter recovery time. You will not have the groggy and confused feeling that some people have after anesthesia and will save the extra fee for general anesthesia.
  • Allow an hour and a half for your surgery appointment.

How will you feel after removal of teeth?

Every oral surgery case is different. Read what to expect here.

You may experience swelling and discomfort as part of the healing process. You could also feel slight numbness or tingling in the face or jaw for a few days

Your dentist will give instructions and (if needed) medications to help with the healing process. Within a few days your mouth will look and function like normal.

Contact our office if you want a dentist to evaluate your teeth and discuss whether or not they should be removed.