Sedation patient

A Report from Dr. Bill Cranford, a Sedation patient  (YES—a PATIENT)


I recently scheduled a lengthy dental procedure with Dr. Elizabeth Cranford at Cranford Dental.    She suggested that I would be more comfortable with some light sedation to keep me calm and relaxed.  I took the advice of the expert and elected to utilize oral conscious sedation during my visit.

Dr. Cranford relaxed
Could my dental visit be as relaxing as the beach?


Preparing for my dental sedation visit

We began with a 30 minute assessment visit to review my health history, answer questions, and go over what to expect on the day of my dental appointment.  I took one pill  the night before my procedure and a different pill  the morning of my dental appointment.  Martha drove me to Cranford Dental.

Dental Sedation
I wanted to understand exactly what sedation patients experience at Cranford Dental.


I was totally relaxed as the staff seated me and prepared to treat me. They gave me another dose of medicine around 8:30 and a half dose at 9:15. Dr. Elizabeth monitored me with a pulse oximeter and an instrument that took my blood pressure and heart rate every five minutes.  I remember a warm, soft blanket—but DO NOT REMEMBER A THING about my dental work.

My staff liked having a quiet, calm dentist in the chair

I feel sure my friends at Cranford Dental enjoyed working with me in this relaxed state.  They tell me that I talked with them and easily walked around.  They say I commented often on how nice the nice staff was(which is funny—–since I hired all of them) and the pretty view out the window (which of course I see every day).

Dental assistant April Hamrick with Dr. Bill Cranford
April liked working with me in a calm state

I know that my dentist is trained and experienced!

I knew that I was “in good hands” with Dr. Elizabeth Cranford Robinson.  She was well trained at the University of Florida residency program and recently trained by the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation.  It is great to work with other dentists who you trust with your own teeth!

I knew I was in good hands with Dr. Elizabeth.
I knew I was in good hands with Dr. Elizabeth.

My sedation experience will make me a better dentist.

I had a great experience with oral sedation and highly recommend it for long procedures or for patients with dental anxiety.  I think that April and the staff enjoyed seeing me in a relaxed state and I know they liked watching me improve my smile.

Assistant April Hamrick
April said I did a great job being a patient.

You can read more about exactly what is involved in dental sedation on our website Dental Sedation tab. Call Cranford Dental at 803-324-7670 or email us at if you have questions that this post  or the website do no answer.   If you have comments or questions for Dr. Bill Cranford or Dr. Elizabeth Cranford Robinson please leave them below.

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