Childhood dreams Dr. Elizabeth

Childhood dreams from Dr. Elizabeth

“I want to be a dentist when I grow up. I think it would be neat to examine teeth.” When I wrote those words in Mrs. Hibbard’s third grade class, I had no clue that twenty years later they would come true. I also had little idea what it meant to be a dentist. I mainly wanted to be a dentist to be just like my dad.DentistsBilland-ElizabethCranford 20 years later (plus 3 cities and countless moves before returning to Rock Hill, SC)—In my five years of dental education and two weeks at Cranford Dental, I’ve learned that examining teeth really is “neat” but that there is a lot more to love about being a dentist. Here is my “neat” list from my first two weeks at Cranford Dental: The patients! It has been a joy to meet and interact with new people every day. I’ve loved seeing old friends. My very first patient watched me grow up. My first Rock Hill filling was for a neighbor from my childhood. Thanks for welcoming me back to Rock Hill and to Cranford Dental! My co-workers! I am now working with women (and one man) who I have known and respected for a long time. Some of our staff has been with Cranford Dental for more than 20 years. I also work with young friends. Our newest assistant Lee Ann cheered with me at Northwestern High School and Dr. Mokris and Betsy just had their first babies. They are all great— hard workers and fun people. Dad (AKA Dr. Bill Cranford)! It is a joy to work with my dad every day. He is an excellent dentist and an all-around good guy. I love watching him interact with patients. I now understand why he has such a loyal patient base and why he loves his work. I have learned much from my dad in my first two weeks and hope he’s learned a thing or two from me.

Proud parents Elizabeth Cranford



Also from my third grade autobiography“I want to be the first lady president. I think it would be neat to make the laws.” I love my job as a dentist so I think I will leave the Presidential duties and law-making to someone else! I am thankful to be back in my hometown serving the people I’ve known since my elementary days and meeting new friends who are in our practice.“and what does Dad think?”They say it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks and I am sure the same is true of an old (I mean experienced) dentist. Please read Dr. Bill Cranford’s upcoming blog post to see what he is thinking.Please stop by Cranford Dental to say hello or write a message below.   You can read more about Dr. Elizabeth Cranford here.

22 Responses to “Third grade Dreams of Dentistry from Dr. Elizabeth”

  1. Lisa Werner

    Aaaw…I loved reading this! I still shake my head when I think about how much time has passed. I’m so proud of you Dr. Elizabeth!

  2. Laura Anne Hofler

    I think you could juggle dentistry and presidency at the same time…

  3. Mary Stukenborg

    I am so proud of you, Elizabeth! I wish we had a branch of Cranford Dental in Memphis because the Stukenborgs would love to be your patients. I am so glad you are “living the dream in dentistry,” but I personally think you’d make a great President!

  4. Lori Patrick

    We are so proud of you! Michael said it was wierd having you work on his mouth today, considering you babysat him and you were as old as his brother….. Welcome to Cranford Dental!

  5. Trang

    I was surprised when I read your autobiography. You can make your wishes happened. Congratulation! I’m glad.

  6. Victoria Norment

    This is great, Elizabeth! What a wonderful picture of you, your dad, and mom. Hope to see you one of these days soon!

  7. CranfordDental

    Thank you, Lisa. I promise I am not causing as much mischief at the office as I did as a kid visiting here. I’ve enjoyed working with you. I think we have a great group working here! See you soon.

  8. CranfordDental

    Haha. I think I would go crazy if I were the president. Maybe one day I will be president of a dental group. That would be enough for me! It was great to see you at Cranford Dental last week. You are a great patient.

  9. CranfordDental

    Or you could come to the office and visit!! We do plan to keep up with the blog, so keep checking in. I love to read Bethany’s blog as well. See you soon!

  10. CranfordDental

    If I were President, my first task would be to give every American a toothbrush! I think that the Stukenborgs would be a fun group of patients, so I wish you could come to Cranford Dental. We don’t have any plans for a Memphis office, but you never know — crazier things have happened! 🙂

  11. CranfordDental

    Thanks for reading, Katie. I hope you are enjoying your orthodontics residency in Chicago. One of my co-residents from last year just moved back to Chicago. Caroline and Phillip Thomas and I want to go visit him so we will get in touch if we do. I’m glad for the internet so I can keep up on all my dental friends’ happenings!

  12. CranfordDental

    As soon as Michael opened his mouth, I looked at him and said “This is weird!!” Once we got over the “weirdness” of it, we worked well together. He and Drew have both grown up to be such cute and polite young men. I am glad y’all are patients at Cranford Dental!

  13. CranfordDental

    Thank you, Trang. I enjoyed working with you during my residency last year. I miss all of you but I am enjoying putting into practice everything that I learned in Florida. Give your cute little boy a big hug from me!

  14. CranfordDental

    Thanks, Mrs. Norment. I like that picture too. I talked to Caroline last night and it sounds like she is enjoying her new job as a dentist in Lexington. I miss seeing her, Phillip, and Cubby! My mom and I want to get you and Caroline up to Charlotte for some antique shopping.

  15. Victoria Norment

    That would be so much fun, Elizabeth! We’ll look forward to it!!

  16. Marsha Tinsley

    Elizabeth!! I’m so proud of you!!! I still remember you as a little girl…. Looking forward to seeing you in the office!

  17. Sheila McCarthy

    Elizabeth, you certainly are the cutest dentist I know, no offense to Bill! More importantly, I know you will be dedicated to your work and your results will be outstanding as in all you do! God bless you as you begin your career and please know the McCarthys are so proud of you.

  18. Tracy L. Sease

    Elizabeth, How exciting to follow in your Dad’s footsteps. He’s guided you your childhood and now you get to learn even more about the career of dentistry. I just face booked your Dad the other day to thank him for inspiring my dental career. I worked as an assistant for him back in 1995, it was even my FIRST dental job! It was such an exciting time as I was new in dentistry and he sure taught me a LOT! After years later (and a bad divorce), I left Rock Hill and moved back to be with my family in Cincinnati, Ohio. The love of dentistry came to me after working there. It made me want to continue on and go to Dental Hygiene School. So in 2008 I became a RDH! Your 3rd grade letter is just so sweet I wish you MANY years of AMAZING dental work. Please tell Lisa, Debbie, and Judy “hello” for me. Lisa told me about the blog! FUN things to read on here. Tracy Sease

  19. Sara Stephens

    I am so proud of you!!! Glad that everything is going well for you with your dentist practice. Keep up the good work.We need more dentist like you and your dad. Come see me in New Albany when you need a break from looking at teeth.

  20. Elizabeth Cranford

    Thank you Mrs. McCarthy! Around the office we ask patients if they’d rather see the ugly Dr. Cranford or the pretty Dr. Cranford. (I won’t tell you which is which! Ha!) I am excited to be starting my career and am so thankful that I get to practice in our great town. I hear Brigid is moving to Charlotte. She will love it!! See you soon.

  21. Elizabeth Cranford

    Thanks, Sara! It has been fun being a dentist in Rock Hill. If I had to pick a different place it would be New Albany! We had so much fun driving around town last time we were there. Hopefully we will see you again soon.


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