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FUN TIMES: Our Annual Christmas lunch!  Are you looking for a way to add fun to your group’s Christmas party?



Each Christmas the Cranford Dental staff eats lunch together and then has a gift exchange. We always leave thankful for blessings of the year, especially the blessing of working together. This year we added Oprah’s My Favorite Things. Such fun—- Here’s sharing this fun with you.

Our Favorite Things
This year’s lunch was especially fun. Oprah was not present but we still played Cranford Dental’s version of My Favorite Things. Someone else may want to give this a try. It was a blast!

Here is how we played My Favorite ThingsEach person picked her favorite thing and brought 5 of this item to the party. We wrote our names on five slips of paper and put them in a bowl. Each guest stood up andtold about her favorite thing. She then drew five names from the bowl and presented each person with a gift of her favorite things. Judy had more fun than she does every day being a dental hygenist

Kathy and Debbie were happy with their things.

Hmmmm---Great gift, Debbie!



This was very exciting. We only wish that Oprah could have been here with us. Some people got a little TOO excited.Other people were cook, calm, and collected—-but REALLY had a good time.





How much fun to go home with 5 favorite gifts! Each staff member took home five different things from five Cranford Dental’s  friends.  We were all so happy to go home with favorite things from our friends. We had fun learning what everyone loved. April’s hand warmers were a big hit even for those who don’t hunt alligators and we loved Dr. Cranford’s bird feeders.Oprah could not come but we had a special guest.

Ho, Ho, Ho to Cranford Dental Staff

What are your favorite things?You may have as much fun playing Our Favorite Things as our Cranford Dental group had playing the game. The smiles and laughter below show just a glimmer of an exciting afternoon. What a great way to celebrate together!Loving Favorite Things!!!!!Christmas 2012Cranford Dental’s Favorite ThingsOur favorite things are our patients and friends. At Cranford Dental  we appreciate the opportunity to work in a great community like Rock Hill, South Carolina. We thank you for allowing us to work together in a profession that we enjoy. We also thank Anne Beckham for passing along the rules to My Favorite Things.Please call our office at 803-324-7670 or contact us through www.cranforddental.com.  if you have any questions about playing My Favorite Things—or if you have questions or concerns about your teeth or dental care. We also welcome you to leave comments below.Merry Christmas from Cranford Dental!!!

Happy Christmas from the Staff at Cranford Dental
Happy Christmas from the Staff at Cranford Dental

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