Dental Insurance Plans in our Office

Cranford Dental accepts all major dental insurance plans. Our computer system will calculate

the amount that your insurance company will pay on treatments before the dentist begins work

on your individualized treatment plan. We will file claims to all insurance companies, accept

payment from the companies, and apply payment to patient accounts.


What if you are not in-network with my dental insurance plan?

The fact that we are not in-network or not a “preferred provider” with your dental insurance

plan does not mean that we cannot do dental treatments for your family. We have many

patients who have MetLife, Cigna, BCBS, Aetna, Assurant, Lincoln Financial, Security Life, and

others. These dental insurance companies have no problem with your seeing an out-of-

network provider.


Will dental care cost more if you are not in-network with my plan?

You will not necessarily pay more for your dental care at our office. The patients who come to

our office even though we are not “preferred providers” find that they save money due to our

long term treatment plans and our conservative approach to treatment. Our treatment plans

include working with each insurance company on timing of treatment to minimize overall costs.

For insurance patients who get an out of network dental cleaning, the payment at time of

service is usually minimum, if any.



Will I get the same quality of dental care as an in-network insurance patient?

Our goal is to provide quality dentistry and excellent customer service for all of the patients

who visit our office. Our patients are our number one priority. Our first question

is, “What is truly best for this patient?” and not “What will the insurance company pay on this

dental procedure?” We work with insurance companies as partners in paying for dentistry

rather than allowing the dental insurance companies to dictate what treatment is best for the

patient. A patient should never get a dental procedure just because the insurance will pay.


How do I know what my plan will pay?

With over 30 years treating patients from Rock Hill, Chester, York, and surrounding cities, we

have dealt with most of the insurance plans in our area. Our office staff will advise on how to

use your insurance plan to get the best care possible for your family. Call or email our office if

we can answer questions about your insurance plan.